Jewish Life


Program Mission

To promote a more united, welcoming and inspired Jewish community in the greater Chicago area and beyond.

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The problem we want to address

Chicago boasts a strong and close-knit Jewish community. There are hundreds of organizations serving the community in every kind of capacity. However, as the community grows and evolves, there is an increased demand for resources and opportunities to meet the vastly diverse needs of the Jewish population. In the Orthodox community, there is evidence that recent rapid growth has left schools and communal spaces struggling to scale and to continue providing quality services.

Our approach

Our funding will focus on strengthening leadership within the broader Jewish community to create a culture of inclusion and innovation, and within the Orthodox community, a focus on providing necessary resources to keep up with the needs of a growing population.

Connection to the founders

The Walders have been pillars of the Chicago Jewish community for the past two decades. Their philanthropic legacy has been rooted in tackling educational quality and affordability. Beyond Chicago, their giving has enhanced the health of Israeli women, enriched the lives of Israeli orphaned children, and strengthened centers for Torah education around the country.