Immigrant Advocacy


Program Mission

To build inclusive, resilient and thriving communities for immigrants and refugees in the Chicago region and nationally.

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The problem we want to address

The United States has been strengthened by the many contributions of immigrants and refugees who live here. However, where this country was once a destination of promise for immigrants from around the world, increasingly punitive policies have created unwelcoming attitudes that divide communities and restrict opportunities for immigrants and refugees to share their talents and skills and build new lives in the United States.

Our approach

By investing resources in policies that are welcoming, inclusive and unifying, we will help transition immigrants and refugees to integrate into the United States. Through strategic grantmaking we endeavor to help families succeed and live to their fullest potential.

Connection to the founders

Elizabeth Walder has been dedicated to serving the immigrant community since the mid-1980s. She began her law career traveling to consulates around the world, representing immigrants who had been denied access to the United States. She founded Immigration Law Associates, PC in 1993, developing a niche practice for scientists and performing artists to achieve permanent residency in the United States.