Advancing Sustainability


Program Mission

To safeguard our natural resources and address critical environmental challenges, both in the Chicago region and globally.

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The problem we want to address

Nature plays a vital role in making our cities more livable, our agriculture more productive, and mitigating climate change. However, as our population grows, we see increasing demands on natural resources and unsustainable patterns of production and consumption. This will likely accelerate in the coming years, compromising the quality of life on earth for future generations.

Our approach

Our funding targets scientific research to increase our understanding of the human impact on the natural environment and the solutions needed to protect it. We also support innovative and practical solutions that protect and restore nature, secure our food supplies, and build capacity in the organizations pursuing this work.

Connection to the founders

In her role as chief sustainability officer at Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), Elizabeth Walder conducted a company-wide materiality assessment, which resulted in bringing the organization forward by implementing sustainability practices across every aspect of the business. She developed four key sustainability initiatives including a novel Sustainability Awards program, which rewarded and recognized customers whose research was judged to make a global impact on sustainability.